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A brief outline of GHETTO SHANGHAI, covers my life in Breslau, Germany before Kristallnacht, life in Shanghai pre-ghetto and the ghetto years, liberation and subsequently life in the United States.  

Upon our arrival in Shanghai in March 1939, my parents started a typewriter business, purchased an apartment in the French Concession and arranged for my grandmother to come to Shanghai.  I was enrolled in the Shanghai Jewish School.  My father could not tolerate the unsanitary conditions and sub-tropical Shanghai climate after his treatment in Buchenwald, where he had been incarcerated at the time of the Kristallnacht pogrom, and died in March 1941 at the age of 43, my grandmother died two years later. 

My mother and I moved into the ghetto in May 1943. I obtained a pass from Mr. Goya, the Japanese official in charge of issuing Special Passes, to continue attending the Shanghai Jewish School, which was outside the ghetto limits.  My mother used her pass to purchase sundries outside the ghetto for sale by the Jewish peddlers.  The food shortage was terrible.  My mother was most innovative in making the little food we had palatable.

We arrived in New York in 1947.  My mother worked in a camera factory and went to night school.  I subsequently married, had four children, divorced, remarried and to date my husband and I have fifteen grandchildren.   

I am a professional lecturer, and also featured in the award-winning documentary “Shanghai Ghetto.”  My book, GHETTO SHANGHAI can be purchased directly from me for $22.00 + $2.00 shipping and handling. A German edition is also available. 

Please send check to Evelyn Pike Rubin, 22 Orange Drive, Jericho, NY, phone (516) 935-1377, e-mail evandlenrubin@aol.com.