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Horst Eisfelder recently wrote the book, titled CHINESE EXILE, and subtitled “My years in Shanghai and Nanking 1938 to 1947”. Horst wrote the original manuscript in 1972, following requests by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Since then many photocopies were distributed to universities, libraries and museums around the globe.

What makes the book different from the earlier manuscript, is that it was extensively revised. It features some 80 photos, mostly taken by the author, and documents of those times.

Unlike others who write about their Shanghai experiences, Horst Eisfelder does not have to rely on fading memories to describe events that happened 65 years ago. Horst made notes on events as they happened during those years. He also has a large collection of Shanghai newspaper clippings during his years in Shanghai.

The book can only be obtained through its American publisher, Avotayno Inc. at 155 N. Washington Ave, Bergenfield, NJ 07621. Phone (201) 387-7200 or call 1-800-AVOTAYNU (286-8296)