From Investor To the Reviewer To An Investor; I Have Come A Full Circle!


About five years ago, I entered this field as a trader!

A lot of friends and colleagues coaxed me into this and I reluctantly gave in mostly to check it out. But I remember being scammed so much that I swore never to become a trader again.

I turned into a software reviewer instead!

Determined to warn every other potential new trader of the pitfalls and the frauds that are a part and parcel of this field, I set up a blog site where I took a new software every week or two to review it and to bring the curtains down on the rogue software.

I began suo motu but my blog gained popularity pretty soon:

Initially, the reviews were random software that I came across the internet. I would commit myself to review the first result that google threw up when I typed the words ‘cryptocurrency’, Bitcoin, altcoin, trading software et al.

If you think that there are ten or twenty software alone, you are underestimating!

I thought that I would be able to review most of them by actually logging on to them and opening my trading account and then documenting my trading journey to which I would later do up on the blog coupled with screenshots of my trading.

What I realized was that there are hundreds of software on the internet with more and more coming up every week!

By now my blog was picking up steam and I started getting specific requests to review software:

It was during this time that I was asked to review BTC Profit. This cryptocurrency software had been on my list too but since I had too many requests for it, I decided to jump a few entries and get down to it first.

What I realized had the ability to stump me!

This software was a hundred percent legit one and I began to doubt if there were people on the internet who knew about it. It was quite popular among the people who had used it but the good word had to be spread.

My trading experience on it was mind-blowing!

I earned a profit of $500 in straight one week; now this was unprecedented!

I continued trading for another few weeks and the profit margin only kept getting better with time. I realized that it was software that was much ahead of its time. Further investigation has proved that it is one of the most legit software. I have checked the code at the source and I have come to this well-researched conclusion that there is none other as close to perfection than this one! Check it out for yourself though!!



From Investor To the Reviewer To An Investor; I Have Come A Full Circle!