A Cozy Get-Together


Written by

Ralph Harpuder


     It is always very nice when Shanghailanders have an opportunity to meet again, and to reminisce about the bye-gone days.

    A good example was the recent visit by Monika (Bayer) White from Los Angeles to Boca Raton, Florida  (3rd from left in the photo) where unknowingly of the 39th Birthday (only a guess!!!) of Ruth (Baruch) Spiegler, she found herself celebrating the occasion with other former refugees from Shanghai. The birthday party took place at Ruth and Marcel‘s house in Boca Raton. 

   Also shown in the photograph is Gary Naftaniel, cousin of Ruth, from Coral Springs, Florida, who was the lucky one to have been surrounded by four other charming ladies, shown from left to right: Heli (Marshall) Marmorosch from Ottawa, Canada; Monica White, Berta (Rosenzweig) Stein from Boca Raton; Ruth Spiegler, the “birthday child" known for her valuable and marvelous recollection of the Hongkew era; and Erica (Liebermann) Spindel, also from Boca Raton. 

Those out there, spread from all corners of the world, who had a chance to view the photograph of Ruth‘s party; hopefully will get the idea of also sharing your happy moments with your fellow Shanghailanders on the Rickshaw Website.

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