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4_rhombuses.gif - (0K)"Shanghai Reunion 2006" - an article in the Points East Newsletter
Although I am not a Shanghailander, I made the decision many months ago to attend the 2006 Shanghai Reunion in Shanghai. As the widow of Fred Marcus, a former refugee who spent ten years in Shanghai, I felt drawn both to the site and to the participants. Moreover, I hoped to learn more about my husband’s experiences and perhaps meet several persons who had known him. more....

4_rhombuses.gif - (0K) Jewish Winnipegger visits Shanghai,
her childhood home

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Peter Witting's Photo Album #5

Rickshaw Reunion West donates funds for CJSS scholarships.

Once More With Feelings by Evelyn Pike Rubin
On Monday, April 24, Marilyn Sheldon, Sheryl and I boarded our flight at Liberty International Airport, Newark, NJ, for the 11:10 a.m. departure to Tokyo, scheduled to arrive there approximately 13 hours later at 1:30 PM on Tuesday, April 25, local time.  The Kosher meals which we were served were substantial and excellent.  At 6:30 PM our Northwest Airlines flight departed for the 2-1/2 trip to Shanghai.

An Article from NZZ Online

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The Return Through Helen's Eyes
For Helen Marmorosch Marshall, it was a return to Shanghai. “ I still can’t believe I lived in Shanghai, China.”-  Helen repeatedly states as we tour the streets where she lived as a little girl. “ Is it a book I read, a movie on T.V., a dream I created from some story – no, it is true, it really happened and I was there, lived it, and after 57 years went back to a reunion with my husband and two daughters.” 


    The Final Attendee List  

A Reunion Report by Peter Witting
A Reunion Report by Peter Witting (in pdf)
On the 24th of April we twiddled our thumbs for our end of day departure for what was called the "last Reunion". Our flight with Malaysia Airlines via Kuala Lumpur was excellent as was the food and service. A slight hiccup at Pudong airport waiting 2 hours for the shuttle to the Regal International East Asia Hotel at 516 HengshanRd. in the former French Concession, was hard to take

An article from the Jerusalem Post
Survivors from among the 30,000 European Jews who found a haven in Shanghai from Nazi persecution are calling for their old refugee district to be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Tilanqiao Area, our second hometown, has special significance for the survival of European Jewish refugees,” states the proposal, more...

An article from the Berliner Morgenpost

Mehr als 18.000 europäische Juden flohen vor den Nazis nach Shanghai. Die Berlinerin Inge Booker war eine von ihnen.

A Shanghai Sermon by Yvonne Daniel
Many of you here today are aware that I recently returned from a trip to China. So what, you may say. I’m certain there are many of you here today who have made this trip.  My trip, however, was a bit unique. more....

An article from the Nin Min Evening News
Great! Great! Mr. Matzdorff with white hair and English tongue spoke some Shanghainese. During World War II, he with his parents and grandmother escaped from Nazi power and came to Ti Lan Qiao of the Hongkou district and he became one of the ..more....

Refugees revisit Memories an article from the China Daily

Refugees seek to protect Tilanqiao Area - an article from the Shanghai Daily