ISBN: 1595820000
Hardcover, 267pp
October 2004
DH Press


SHANGHAI DIARY, "A Young Girl’s Journey from Hitler’s Hate to War-Torn China,” by Portland-area writer Ursula Bacon, has been republished in a newly edited and handsomely redesigned hardcover edition.

Bacon is a Holocaust refugee whose family fled the Nazis in World War II Europe and eked out an increasingly difficult existence in Shanghai, China, which eventually was occupied by Nazi Germany’s Japanese allies.

Nearly 20,000 European Jews found refuge in Shanghai during World War II.

The book, which was reviewed in the Jewish Review of Portland, Oregon - when first published in 2002, is a riveting and heartwarming account of its author’s experiences in a dark time. has named Bacon’s book one of its Winter holiday selections for its “Discover Great New Writers” series.

The initial printing of the new edition numbers 40,000. The first edition sold 4,000 copies.

Bacon said that film producer Mike Richardson plans to make a film version of her story. The film, a personal drama, would be a new departure for Richardson, whose previous several films fall into the action and sci-fi areas.