Shanghai Remembered

    The book is a fascinating anthology telling the story of hardship and survival in wartime Shanghai. The stories are the vivid personal accounts by 23 Shanghailanders and are a tribute to the tenacity and spirit of the refugees under harsh conditions.

Berl Falbaum has done a great service to the Jewish community, scholars and Holocaust historians by assembling and editing this fascinating book.



    With a Foreword by W. Michael Blumenthal    

Contributers are:
Warner Bergh
Henry S. Conston
Ernest John Eick
Esther Ashkenazi Funk
Ingrid Gallin
Ursula Gaupp
Ralph Harpuder
Curt Walter Hort
John L. Isaack
Charles L. Klotzer
Alfred Kohn


Gertrude Kracauer
Trude Schwarz Kutner
Steven Low
Harry Lowenberg
Kurt & Inge Nussbaum
Bobby Salomon
Margit Zippert Sarne
Gary Silvers
Susette Tauber
Trixie Wachsner
Alfred S. Weissenberg
Ingrid Wilmot


Stories from Jews who escaped to Shanghai from Nazi Europe.

Compiled and edited by Berl Falbaum

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