Created by the Canadian Born Artist

Irving Osterer


Ralph Harpuder


A few weeks ago, yours truly thought that it would be a good idea for the Rickshaw

Reunion 2004 committee to provide an envelope with an attractive cachet, indicative to this momentous event. The envelope could serve to mail a greeting to a fellow Shanghailander not able to attend the reunion, or to keep as a souvenir.

Luckily, there was someone 1 could turn to, his name, Irving Osterer, who is a graphic artist and also a fellow philatelist (stamp collector).

When I told Irv about the idea of an envelope and asked for his kind help, he immediately obliged. Soon after, he designed the cachet incorporating material he found on the Rickshaw Website, and added the skyline with the CN tower to the current Rickshaw Reunion logo. The complete envelope is shown in figure one.

Part of the cachet depicts Hongkew gossip with the connotation, “Wissen Sie schon?” (Do you know the latest?)

The stamp, superimposed by the logo, was issued in China on July 4, 1939, the year when the largest contingent of refugees immigrated to Shanghai (for the stamp collector, it is China, Scott 365).

The small photograph on the top, right side of the cachet, shows a Shanghai Jewish refugee, Victor Stummer, seated in a rickshaw, who happened to live in Canada prior to settling in the United States.

When I asked Irv Osterer how I can reciprocate for all his valuable time he spent creating this smart and fitting cachet, he replied: 

“Ralph -  I was happy to help you out with this, and if I can contribute in a small way to this very momentous gathering of Jewish people, I am also very grateful. For occasions such as this, Jews have an obligation to help fellow Jews." 

"Kol Yisrael haverim”

 Osterer was born in Ontario, Canada. He attended Ottawa‘s Jewish day school, Hillel Academy and later graduated from Ontario College of Arts. An art teacher and a devoted father, he also writes for the news bulletin of his temple.

His article about our upcoming reunion in Toronto is shown in figure two.