I knew that I wanted to grow up to work at Wall Street!

It is a matter of genes perhaps. As much as I could trace the genealogy, there were only traders there. As a family, we weren’t ready to wean out of the financial sector yet; so it seemed.

So when I, that is the youngest scion graduated from the illustrated university, everyone in the family only wanted to see me getting where they all were.

In a bid to start my training, dad bought me a lot of books on training. Now, I do know that what we learn in classrooms is practically very different from what we see at the stock exchange. I could see the fatherly affection when he tried to give me little advice on where to begin et al at the breakfast table.

That is when I broke the news to them that I was already trading!

You should have seen their reactions, especially dads!!

He was so puffed with pride.

I began with telling them how I got hooked on online trading when I had begun the course and over the period of three years, I had already amassed quite a lot of profits which I have earmarked to begin my independent consultancy,

Everyone was so impressed that they got up to clap. I know it was one of the best moments of my life; something that I am going to cherish for the rest of it.

In the first year itself, I had read this post that a senior had written for the college paper and was impressed with the idea of trading even while still at school. The software I chose was Bitcoin Trader.

I decided to keep this as a well-guarded secret because I was not too sure if it would work out for me. It did and fantastically so!

I still decided to not share this news till there was something big that came out of it. Initially, I was scared that folks back home would discourage me because they thought I would get distracted, so it was important to keep a low key.

I was always academically inclined:

The fact that I chose this software after a thorough analysis of the other in competition must say a lot about the professionalism of this trading software. I have never regretted my decision of getting on it.

The withdrawals were like a cakewalk!

I have over the years removed the profits and created a sort of hedge fund which I propose to use to start my own office. I am so sure that with all the financial backing and the knowledge that I have acquired with theory and practice, it will hold me in good stead.

This Is How I Made It Here At The Wall Street!!